Student Funding

TCSA Student and Community Support Grants

The Trent Central Student Association (TCSA), as laid out in our Operating Resolutions, has two funds dedicated to help fulfill our mission and mandate. The TCSA seeks to increase the vitality on campus, to encourage academic and personal growth as well as continuing the struggle for accessible and high-quality education.

Funding requests will be considered at the TCSA’s Finance & Operations Committee, after which the applicant will be informed of the Committee’s decision.

All funding requests should be submitted to or given to the TCSA Front Desk with the following information:

1. A letter outlining the project, including the potential role the TCSA could play; how this event, project, or campaign would help fulfill our mandate (as seen in our by-laws), contact information,

2. A detailed budget outlining both expected expenses and sources of revenue as well as already confirmed expenses and revenue, and

3. Any information required under “Additional Guidelines” in each Fund.


The two funds are:

Academic, Personal, Professional and Leadership Development Fund (A.P.P.L.E. Fund)

Rationale: Students often have rare opportunities to participate in events and activities that will expand their experiences, skills, and leadership and academic potential. The Association, through its mandate to facilitate and provide an environment wherein the membership can pursue academic, personal, and social growth, maintains this fund to assist members with the costs associated with these leadership opportunities, which can be prohibitive, and can act as barriers to participation.

Eligibility: Applications to this fund will be accepted from individual members to support academic, personal, professional, and leadership development such as costs related to skills development, conferences, courses, and workshops.

Additional Guidelines: Applicants must include documentation of the event or workshop that they wish to attend that outlines all applicable fees. If an applicant is experiencing financial hardship that would prohibit their attendance at an event or workshop, please include this information in the application for consideration. Applicants may also include in their application any applicable travel or accommodation costs. Applicants must outline how they intend to benefit the Trent University or Peterborough community through the experience(s) outlined in their proposal for funding as well as how they will benefit personally.

Limitations: Awards will not be granted for the costs of degree or diploma related courses or course requirements. Individuals will be limited to one application each semester. Applications will not be accepted 30 days after the event or workshop in question.

Partnership, Sponsorship, and Events Fund (P.S.E. Fund)

Rationale: The Association, through its mandate to increase the vitality of student life and the diversity of activities available to students through the financial support of student events, maintains this fund to assist members with the execution of a broad range of dynamic events and projects through partnership and sponsorship.

Eligibility: Applications to this fund will be accepted from individuals, groups or organizations either wishing to partner with the Association on events or projects, or looking for sponsorship to fund existing events and projects. Events and projects will be broadly interpreted to include those for entertainment, socializing and community building as well as academic, political, education or social justice goals.

Additional Guidelines: Applicants interested in partnerships with the Association shall be required to outline how roles, organizing, and recognition for the event could be shared. Applicants interested in sponsorship from the Association must outline how the Association will be recognized for its contribution.

Limitations: Student groups and established organizations shall be limited to one application every four (4) months.


For information regarding Clubs Funding, visit our Clubs & Groups page, or contact Registered clubs at Trent University are ineligible for any of the above two funds. 

Please note: if you do not pick up your approved funding within six months and the cheque becomes staledated, we will not rewrite your cheque.