Honoraria: $29,720.25

Terms of Work:

  • 2-week scheduled shadow period: 17.5 hrs/wk
  • April & Academic term (30 weeks): 35 hrs/wk (minimum 10 hours in TCSA office)
  • Summer Term (18 weeks): 30 hrs/wk (minimum 10 hours in the TCSA office)
  • Reading Weeks (2 weeks): 20 hours/wk
  • 20 days paid vacation (10 to occur during winter break)
  • 5 paid sick days; access to additional paid sick days for appropriate medical issues
  • Statutory holiday pay if holiday falls on a vacation day (20% of 4-week average of hours)
  • Vacation pay (4% of gross)
  • Days in Lieu available as determined by Operating Policy

Description Summary:

  • Be ultimately responsible for the overall functioning of the Association.
  • Be the primary contact between the Association and the university administration.
  • Oversee and support the work of the Association’s Vice Presidents and Directors.
  • Assist the Operations and Services Manager to prepare and recommend to the Board of Directors a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft Operating budgets for the Association.
  • Ensure that all money controlled or allocated by the Board is used for and does not exceed the purposes or amounts that were designated.
  • Be responsible for the review of existing services and acquisition and implementation of new services for the Association with the Operations and Services Manager.
  • Attend the proceedings of the Trent University Board of Governors and report to the Board of Directors on those proceedings as well as being responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with members of the Board of Governors.
  • Work to strengthen the communication and collaboration between the Association and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Trent in Durham Student Association (TDSA).
  • Be responsible for all communications of the Association in consultation with the Communications Coordinator.
  • Be responsible for the due observance of the Association’s By-laws, Operating Resolutions and Policy Resolutions in consultation with the Association Resource Manager.
  • Be responsible for the production of the Executive Committee Strategic Plan on an annual basis.
  • Maintain open communication and active ties with local members of parliament and local members of the Ontario Legislature.
  • Maintain open communication and active ties with local city councillors and the DBIA; attend relevant City Councillor meetings and report to the board.
  • Be responsible for sitting on the administrative and operating committees of the Trent Student Centre alongside the Operations & Services Manager.
  • Chair the Standing Committee on Finance and Operations.
  • Chair the Standing Committee on Organizational Review and Development.
  • Call emergency meetings of the Board of Directors, in conjunction with the by-laws.
  • Act as, or ensure the appointment of a Chief Electoral Officer in the event the Association Resource Manager is unable to perform their duties
  • Act as Deputy Speaker.
  • Share front desk responsibilities when needed.