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Clubs Registration

Clubs registration is now open for the 2018-2019 academic year. To register your club or group, please click the link on the left-hand side of the page titled "Clubs Registration Form" on your Google Chrome Internet browser. Contact with any questions.

Clubs Funding

Click on the left-hand menu to access the online Clubs Funding Form. Please note that the browser that works best with this form is Google Chrome.

If you have an idea for a new club and require assistance, please contact Cydney Habraken at

Risk Assessment Form

Please note: all registration packages require a completed risk assessment form, which can be found here.


Clubs & Groups at Trent University fit primarily into one of two separate classifications: Associated Clubs and Levy Groups.

Associated Clubs are student organizations that organize on a year-to-year basis but are not directly funded through a dedicated levy fee. In order to be recognized by the TCSA and the University, these groups must consist of at least five undergraduate Trent students, have ten signatures of support, and must complete a registration process with the TCSA each year.

Levy Groups receive direct funding from a student fee (called a levy) that is charged to each full-time undergraduate student with their tuition and ancillary fees. Most levy organizations are student groups, however, there are some levy groups that, while not student-run, are connected to the University community in various ways. They may offer a service or benefit to Trent students, or they are organizations that Trent students have chosen to support financially. All levy fees must be approved by a referendum of the student body before they can be charged to student accounts.

Associated Clubs who choose to register with the TCSA are eligible for funding grants, other assistance and a list of benefits including:

• The ability to use the Trent University name and logo 

• Eligibility to apply for funding through the TCSA and the Colleges 

• The ability to appear on the Co-Curricular record 

• Printing up to 100 copies free at the TCSA office

• Access to the TCSA tents 

• Use of the button maker ($0.10 / button). Simply fill in the templates above (for either Microsoft Word 2003 and later or Photoshop) with your design and bring them into the office. 

• Free table bookings in the Student Centre Atrium, Bata Foyer, Otonabee College Foyer, and outside Wenjack theatre up to 5 times per month.

• Discounted price for booking the Céilie 

• Access to a mailbox in the TCSA office

• The option to set up a bank account in association with TD Bank and the TCSA

• A mailbox in the TCSA office

• Access to storage lockers in the Student Centre

• Clubs and Groups Meeting Room and event space

Registration forms, applications and the TCSA Club Handbook, Registration and Funding can be obtained above or from the TCSA office.

Clubs are funded primarily through a $9.35

Clubs & Groups are encouraged to use the Trent Events Calendar to market their events to students via the MyTrent Portal. Simply log in to MyTrent, click "Calendar View", then click "Submit an Event."

If you have questions regarding Clubs and Student Societies, registering a club or the process of applying for funding grants, please contact the TCSA Vice President Clubs & Groups, Cydney Habraken, at 705-748-1000 or by e-mail at