Levy Groups

In addition to the TCSA, which also acts as a levy group, the following is a list of levy groups at Trent University. For more information about the TCSA please visit our about page. All fees outlined on this page are charged on a per semester basis to students registered in 1.5 credits or more.

Absynthe Magazine

$4.54 refundable

Established in 1999, Absynthe Magazine works to provide an open forum for students to write about their personal interests and opinions. The magazine is submission-based and provides a vehicle that is accepting of all expressive forms. Production staff are always looking for printable submissions from anyone who wants to speak out with one-time submissions or regular columns.

Fall term levy fee: $2.27
Winter term levy fee: $2.27
Total: $4.54

Active Minds

Trent Active Minds is a student-led group determined to raise awareness about mental health and encourage help-seeking on Trent campus. By providing information, opportunities, leadership and advocacy training, Active Minds functions as a liaison between students and the mental health community. Trent Active Minds (TAM) aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and cultivate a comfortable environment for dialogue.

Facebook: Active Minds at Trent
Twitter: @TUActiveMinds
Tumblr: http://trentactiveminds.tumblr.com
Website (Active Minds, Inc.) www.activeminds.org

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
Total: $2.28

Anne Shirley Theatre Company

$2.95 refundable

The Anne Shirley Theatre Company brings quality theatre to Trent University each year. ASTC has historically produced one musical every year, and as of the 2013-2014 year, ASTC has grown to incorporate the production of a play as well as an improvisation group. ASTC strives to produce theatre programming within the Trent University Community that is as accessible and inclusive as possible. ASTC wishes to provide opportunities for students to experience all aspects of theatre, both on and off the stage.

Fall term levy fee: $1.48
Winter term levy fee: $1.47
Total: $2.95

Arthur Newspaper

$10.82 non-refundable

Arthur is Peterborough and Trent University’s Independent Press. We publish weekly during the school year and have a print circulation of about three thousand copies. Arthur’s goal is to produce a weekly newspaper that gives informative, interesting and accurate accounts of events and issues relevant to Trent students and the broader Peterborough community. We offer paid and volunteer positions to students as well as the opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors. Get involved by: contributing articles or photography; assisting with editing, layout, or web development; helping with fundraising and events, and more. No experience necessary - anyone with an interest in student media is welcome.

Fall term levy fee: $5.41
Winter term levy fee: $5.41
Total: $10.82

B!KE: Peterborough Community Cycling Hub

$4.26 refundable
Primary contact:
Tegan Moss
B!KE is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainable transportation. Our programs include guided bicycle repair and maintenance, bicycle skills and safety training, and earn-a-bike for people with fixed or limited incomes.

B!KE is funded by grants, a Trent student levy, and revenue coming from the sale of used bicycles and bicycle parts. A team of dedicated volunteers enables B!KE to deliver our services.

B!KE provides a safe, inclusive downtown workshop space where anyone can learn bicycle repair. We teach everything from simple flat-fixes to full overhauls. During the summer, B!KE operates a campus bike repair shop and pop-ups that provide similar services.

B!KE operates on a membership system. We offer yearly, unlimited-use memberships for $35. Trent students pay a discounted rate of $20 for annual membership. We love bikes and teaching people about bikes!

To receive a levy refund, please email director@communitybikeshop.org with your full name and student number. Refunds will be issued in cash for the current semester and made available for pickup at B!KE's year round workshop space downtown.

Fall term levy fee: $2.13
Winter term levy fee: $2.13
Total: $4.26

Centre for Women and Trans People

$5.69 refundable

The Centre for Women and Trans People is a community of Trent University students, Peterborough residents, and Trent faculty that are dedicated to facilitating a politics of resistance. You do not have to be a Trent student to organize or participate in Centre events. The Centre is interested in creating and reclaiming spaces within the Peterborough and Trent communities for those who have been marginalized, excluded, and underprivileged. This means we believe in actively fighting for, creating, and maintaining space where we can feel safe enough to express ourselves as individuals and communities.

The Centre’s office in Room 202 of Sadleir House provides a social space to meet, discuss, and organize with people from the Trent and the Peterborough communities who share a commitment to the Centre’s mandate. First and foremost, the Centre works to create a safer space for people who experience gendered oppression from a wide variety of backgrounds. The Centre is dedicated to being a safe space for all people, operating on an anti-oppressive mandate with an explicit commitment to confronting and challenging all forms of oppression.

Fall term levy fee: $2.85
Winter term levy fee: $2.84
Total: $5.69

College Cabinet/Council

$14.52 non-refundable

Fall term levy fee: $7.26
Winter term levy fee: $7.26
Total: $14.52

Community Movements Conference at Trent

$0.77 refundable

The Trent Community Movements Conference is an annual event organized by the Trent student-led group Student Association for International Development (SAID). The event aims to provide a forum for students and academic scholars to discuss issues pertaining to international development.

This conference will provide an important opportunity for networking, skill sharing, and fostering linkages between international, national, and local movements. This is an inclusive space where participants can actively engage with one another on matters of common concern for extractivism and the impacts of development.

The conference includes presentations and workshops from academics and social activists concerned with extractivism and its relation to development studies and the current global economic recession.

Fall term levy fee: $0.39
Winter term levy fee: $0.38
​​​​​​​Total: $0.77

Community Race Relations Committee

$2.17 refundable
Primary contact:
Cailtin Currie

The Community and Race Relations Committee of Peterborough (CRRC) is a non-profit, city funded, community based organization, committed to encouraging and promoting equitable race relations in Peterborough.CRRC supports the basic principle that all individuals in Canada are equal in dignity and rights. CRRC’s strategies are aimed at identifying and eliminating all forms of institutional and systemic discrimination, and recognizes the ways in which all forms of oppression intersect with racism. CRRC is available to assist persons or groups on matters relating to racism. CRRC provides advocacy supports, consultation services, and public education initiatives for the purposes of promoting greater understanding of race related issues.

Sadleir House Room 204
751 George St. N.
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 3T2


Fall term levy fee: $1.09
Winter term levy fee: $1.08
Total: $2.17

Electric City Hacks

$3.05 refundable

Trent University’s hackathon that brings 400 of the most out-of-the-box thinkers from across North America to Peterborough, challenging innovators to design, build, and demonstrate their developments.

Electric City Hacks is a member of Major League Hacking (MLH), a student hackathon league that sanctions, sponsors, and promotes student hackathons in the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and other European countries.

Fall term levy fee: $1.53
Winter term levy fee: $1.52
Total: $3.05

International Scholarship Fund

$5.70 non-refundable

Fall term levy fee: $2.85
Winter term levy fee: $2.85
Total: $5.70

Journal of Undergraduate Studies at Trent (JUST)

$2.39 refundable

The Journal of Undergraduate Studies (JUST) is a peer-reviewed, academic publication that aims to create space for exchange of quality undergraduate research from Trent University. By giving the Trent community access to the research of its scholars, JUST facilitates discussions on all aspects of academia. JUST is committed to interdisciplinary study and research, which is central to the Trent experience. JUST welcomes well-supported, well-reasoned essays and research from all disciplines. Only manuscripts written while the author is enrolled as an undergraduate student at Trent University are eligible. Upon graduation, authors have one year to submit manuscripts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact JUST if you are interested in submitting a manuscript or becoming a member of the journal’s staff.

JUST's finances are handled by the PRCSA (Sadleir House). You can find our 2017 Financial Report here.

Fall term levy fee: $1.20
Winter term levy fee: $1.19
Total: $2.39

Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC)

$5.85 refundable
Primary contact:
Julie Cosgrove, Executive Director

Kawartha World Issues Centre - affectionately known as KWIC, encourages people to understand local and global issues from diverse perspectives that challenge the status quo. A not-for-profit charitable organization and Trent refundable levy group since 1989, KWIC strives to be an accessible, welcoming space for all students.

Our Global Education and Resource Centre offers a comfortable, prayer-friendly, study and meeting space surrounded by a plethora of alternative resources on social and environmental justice issues.

During the year, KWIC hosts inspiring local and international speakers, organizes panel presentations and conferences, facilitates global education and youth leadership workshops, with support from dynamic volunteers, interns, research and staff.

We creatively collaborate with Trent University and other community partners and have an exciting history of supporting innovative ideas such as GreenUP, ReFrame Film Festival, Seeds for Justice Youth Program, TEACH Outside the Box Social Justice Certificate Program, Sustainable Trent, Trent Oxfam, TRACKS Youth Program, Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) and new this fall, True Peace Peterborough – a peacebuilding meditation group. We’d love to hear your idea!

To receive a levy refund, please email info@kwic.info with your full name and student number by September 30th, 2018. Refunds will be issued in cash for the current semester and made available for pickup at the KWIC office in the Global Education and Resource Centre at Trent University.

The KWIC Resource Centre is open from 7am - 7pm Monday through Friday.

Phone: 705-748-1680
Website: kwic.info
Twitter: @KWICnews
Facebook: KWICPeterborough

Fall term levy fee: $2.93
Winter term levy fee: $2.92
Total: $5.85


Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)

$13.57 refundable

OPIRG Peterborough is a non-profit organization that organizes a wide variety of events and services with a social and environmental justice mandate. Students can get involved as volunteers, board members, or part time staff. OPIRG operates the Free Market where free clothing and household goods can be picked up. For more information on hours, events and opportunities, contact us by phone (705-741-1208) or e-mail (opirg@trentu.ca).

Fall term levy fee: $6.79
Winter term levy fee: $6.78
​​​​​​​Total: $13.57


Sadleir House (P.R. Community and Student Association)

$28.72 refundable

Situated in a Victorian building just north of Parkhill and George, Sadleir House is owned by the students of Trent University and operates as a cultural and educational facility for the University and Peterborough communities. Sadleir House has space for performances, meetings, discussions, studying, reading, creativity, adventure, learning, growing and general absurdity. Organisation offices, event space, common rooms, performance space, libraries - there's a little of everything inside of Sadleir House.

We serve as an important bridge and meeting place between the University and Peterborough communities, housing the offices of 14 student groups. It also hosts a suite of dedicated study spaces for quiet individual and group work with tea and coffee and free WiFi available.

All students are welcome and encouraged to become involved with the groups and activities of Sadleir House. Ultimately, it's your House - so spend some time getting to know, and hopefully love, Sadleir House.

2018 Fall term levy fee: $14.36
2019 Winter term levy fee: $14.36
2018-19 Total: $28.72

Governing Documents:
2018 Annual Report (Link)
2018 Financial Report (Link)

Sexual Violence Support (Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre)

$3.41 non-refundable

Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting those affected by sexual violence.  At our Centre in Peterborough, we offer individual counselling, group counselling and workshops, peer supports, public education and professional training.  In our three surrounding communities of City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton and Northumberland, we work with local centres to provide responsive healing supports and public education events.  

We believe in and apply a trauma-informed approach in all that we do. We work with people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or more recent experiences of sexual violence. We believe in the resiliency of our clients, and honour who they are and where they are on their healing journey. Our counselling team has collective expertise in attentive listening, relaxing grounding strategies, expressive arts, motivational interviewing, as well as cognitive behavioral, spiritually-integrated and emotionally-focussed therapies. We believe in ongoing professional development to grow ourselves, our programs and services and to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

In addition to therapeutic supports, individuals and family members can consult with us, request accompaniment and/or advocacy with respect to other agencies, court, hospital and police services.

150 King Street, 3rd Floor
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2R9
24-Hour Crisis Support Line Toll Free: 1-866-298-7778
Office Line: 705-748- 5901
Fax: 705-741- 0405

Office Hours: Monday to Friday
9:30 am – 4:30 pm

WEEKEND WEBCHAT – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights from 7 pm to 11 pm at kawarthasexualassaultcentre.com

Fall term levy fee: $1.71
Winter term levy fee: $1.70
Total: $3.41

Student Co-op Housing Initiative

$3.41 refundable

The PSC seeks to establish an affordable downtown housing alternative to on-campus residence and downtown landlords.  As members of a non-profit student cooperative, every month of rent we pay would go straight into the buildings we live in and the food we eat; in fact, we would be our own landlords! We are considering a number of potential site locations. The cooperative will be a sustainable project that will combine social events with community involvement and educational opportunities. We currently have an elected Board of Directors and four Member Committees, including Site Planning, Finance, Community Relations, and Operations. All members are encouraged to sign-up for a committee and contribute their energy and knowledge to the effort! 

Fall term levy fee: $1.71
Winter term levy fee: $1.70
Total: $3.41

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Society

$2.08 refundable
Primary contact:
Jonathan Duffy

The SAFS Society is a student club founded in 2014 that partners with the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program at Trent University. Our mission is to create a community for Trent students to engage and deepen their understanding of food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture. We believe in truly democratic and equitable food systems, locally, regionally and globally, and maintain that quality, healthful and culturally appropriate food is a basic human right.

We run projects such as the Trent Market Garden, which is an experiential learning environment and thriving food production hub that is operated by and for the university community. Located on Trent’s Experimental Farm, it is a student-run social enterprise that utilizes holistic, and agro-ecological practices.

SAFSS endeavors to be a network of support for the campus food system. We create an inclusive space for students, faculty, and the broader community to grow food, nurture research opportunities, ecological stewardship, and implement consent-based decision making skills that allow our community to blossom.

Fall term levy fee: $1.04
Winter term levy fee: $1.04
Total: $2.08

Sustainable Trent

$2.28 non-refundable

Sustainable Trent is a student driven initiative supported by university-wide participation. The objective of Sustainable Trent is to make Trent University more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, as well as to provide education and awareness on a variety of issues. Sustainable Trent was created to encourage members of the University community to take action on the issues that are important to them. Some of the programs Sustainable Trent has launched or are working on developing include: promoting a bottled water free campus, a paper reduction policy, the Lug-a-Mug campaign, the Graduation Green Pledge, sending members to the Sierra Youth Coalition’s Provincial Sustainability Conference and providing opportunities for students to propose projects of their own and receive funding to implement them. Sustainable Trent also works with Aramark, EcoTrent, the Physical Resources Department and the Bata Library to reduce waste, improve compost and recycling diversion rates, and improve water and energy conservation. We also plan several yearly events such as Early Earth Day and the Trent-Lakefield Bike-a-Thon. Sustainable Trent welcomes new members, ideas and projects.  Please contact us!

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
​​​​​​​Total: $2.28

The Seasoned Spoon Café

$6.45 refundable

The Seasoned Spoon Café is a non-profit, vegetarian, cooperative café located in Champlain College. As well as serving delicious, affordable, local, and organic food, we also provide a number of educational initiatives through volunteer opportunities, workshops, community meals and projects for course credit. We offer employment opportunities to students and are proud of our strong community linkages with local producers, businesses and community organizations. We seek to provide a collegial space where we build community through food.

The café is open Monday and Friday from 8:00am-3:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00am-6:00pmwhile classes are in session.

Fall term levy fee: $3.23

Winter term levy fee: $3.22
Total: $6.45

Theatre Trent

$3.41 non-refundable

Theatre Trent is an executive body that administers money for theatre projects. There are usually three funding deadlines: one in October/November, one in January/February and another in April/May for summer projects. Please submit funding proposals for ideas and shows  we have your money! Application forms and more information are available on our website.

Theatre Trent also provides links to the Peterborough theatre community. We have a storage space at Sadleir house which holds our donated and purchased costumes and props.

Find us on Facebook: Theatre Trent

Fall term levy fee: $1.71
Winter term levy fee: $1.70
Total: $3.41

Trent Annual

$20.49 non-refundable

The Trent Annual is one of the oldest student organizations at Trent, capturing moments of Trent’s vivid and colourful student life in a student produced yearbook. Student submissions are always sought. Alternatively, if you love photography, design and layout, paid positions at the Annual are available for you to indulge your zeal for photography and design and leave your mark on Trent’s history.

Find us on Facebook

Fall term levy fee: $10.25
Winter term levy fee: $10.24
Total: $20.49

Trent Child Care

$2.28 non-refundable

Trent Child Care Inc. is a non-profit organization which provides high quality, regulated child care for children from six weeks to twelve years of age. One third of the space at its campus site is designated for the children of Trent students. The student levy, a key piece of Trent Child Care’s funding, helps to fund the infant program.

The Board of Directors is committed to returning a portion of the levy to Trent student parents who have a child enrolled in the program. Each student parent receives a $75 Book Award which can be used to order children`s books from the Scholastic Book Club. Trent Child Care Inc. is a United Way agency.

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
​​​​​​​Total: $2.28

Trent Film Society

$3.41 non-refundable

The Trent Film Society is a student and community group established in 1969 that works to create a space for cinema in Peterborough through free, public, curated film screenings. The Trent Film Society showcases international, independent and forgotten films from cinema's short but dynamic history.

All of our events take place in the downtown core, and are free for everyone. We hold film screenings on Wednesday nights at 8pm at Artspace Gallery at 378 Aylmer St. N. (an accessible space). We have a passion for the cinema, and want to help foster a vibrant film culture in downtown Peterborough and at Trent.  Screenings are open to everyone, not just students, and there is never an admission charge.

Feel free to contact Tyler or Troy at trentfilmsociety@gmail.com for more information, or to throw us some feedback!

Fall term levy fee: $1.71
Winter term levy fee: $1.70
Total: $3.41

Trent International Students Association

$2.28 non-refundable

TISA represents the multiculturalism and acts as a bridge between the International and the Domestic students at Trent University. We are the second largest students’ association at Trent, through which students may represent various talents and become more aware of the different cultures around the world.  You can get involved with TISA by joining the association or any of the regional groups on campus, and also by volunteering to help organize events throughout the academic year!

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
​​​​​​​Total: $2.28

Trent Nature Areas

$2.28 refundable

At present, the Nature Areas occupy about 55 per cent of the Symons Campus (some 518 hectares in all) and represent 40 per cent of the “green space” in the City of Peterborough. The student levy permits the University, through the Nature Areas Committee (NAC), to undertake (in part) the hiring of student workers and financing student research in the NAs. They may plan events such as tours led by naturalists and general outdoor activity days. In the past, the levy has provided funds for research by students in the NAs and for prizes in nature area photography contests. During the summer, levy funds contribute to maintaining trails (eg. signage, mowing and grading) and boardwalks, as well as photocopying and printing maps.  The work of the Nature Areas Committee is enhanced by the levy, which is the most significant ongoing source of funding for the NAs. The NAC and the University community as a whole are most grateful to students at Trent for their support of the University’s Nature Areas.

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
​​​​​​​Total: $2.28

Trent Outdoors Club

Trent Outdoors exists to get students outside! We are creating a fun, community-based environment for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike to enjoy the outdoors. Want to learn how to paddle a canoe? Light a fire? Go camping? We want to show you! We want to make these activities, and many more, available to as many students as possible. Got a wicked idea for a trip or event? We want to know about it! Contact us on Facebook (Trent Outdoors) or Instagram (@trent.outdoors).

When was your last adventure?

Fall term levy fee: $1.50
Winter term levy fee: $1.50
Total: $3.00

Trent Queer Collective (TQC)

$1.70 refundable

The Trent Queer Collective strives to build and strengthen an active, visible and inclusive Queer community at Trent University and in the wider Peterborough area by connecting people to each other, to supportive networks, to information resources, and to Queer media. We seek to provide support and promote acceptance through the creation of safe social spaces that are free of judgment and prejudice against any group or individual. The Trent Queer Collective encourages and celebrates diversity, equality, positivity, understanding, inclusivity and fun.

Fall term levy fee: $0.85
Winter term levy fee: $0.85
Total: $1.70

Trent Radio

$20.41 non-refundable

Each year new students to the Trent community become a vital part of Trent Radio. It’s a great way to learn about the Peterborough-area community and to share your ideas, music and meet new friends. Trent Radio offers students the opportunity to get involved in radio, produce their own shows, and gives them access to studio training and time. Drop by to check us out, have a coffee and a chat.

Fall term levy fee: $10.21
Winter term levy fee: $10.20
Total: $20.41

Trent Student Charity Program (Trent Gives)

$0.56 non-refundable

Trent Gives is a student charity group that encourages support and donations towards a chosen charity each academic year. Trent has been participating in this charity program for many years, raising thousands of dollars every year. With the help and support of many student groups, local businesses as well as the Colleges, Trent has been a key contributor to this worth while cause! 

Fall term levy fee: $0.28
Winter term levy fee: $0.28
Total: $0.56

Trent Students for Literacy

$2.28 refundable

Trent Students For Literacy is a student-run volunteer group.

Our volunteers work with children, youth, and senior citizens throughout Peterborough by assisting in the development of literacy skills, sharing the joys of reading, and helping to improve reading and writing skills.

We offer a variety of programs, including Tutoring, School Sidekicks, Reading Circle, and Seniors' Outreach.

Every January, we host an Annual Literacy Conference at Trent University's Symons Campus. 
A wide variety of literacy-related topics are discussed in workshops led by professionals from around Ontario.  
The conference is a free event open to the community.

Fall term levy fee: $1.14
Winter term levy fee: $1.14
​​​​​​​Total: $2.28

Trent University Emergency First Response Team (TUEFRT)

$8.06 refundable

The Trent University Emergency First Response Team (TUEFRT) is a student-run volunteer organization that provides first response first aid treatment to anyone who is injured or having a sudden medical emergency on the Trent Symons campus, the Traill Campus, and all applicable housing annex locations. TUEFRT is on call 24/7 throughout the fall and winter sessions and responds to a wide range of injuries and emergencies. If you are interested in joining the team or finding out more about the service we provide, please email tuefrt@trentu.ca or see our website: tuefrt.com

Fall term levy fee: $4.03
Winter term levy fee: $4.03
Total: $8.06

Trent University Music Society (TUMS)

$2.84 non-refundable

The Trent University Music Society is group dedicated to providing opportunities for students to play and listen to music on and off campus.

Email us, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@trentumusic) and Instagram (@trentu.music)

Fall term levy fee: $1.42
Winter term levy fee: $1.42
Total: $2.84

Trent University Native Association

$2.12 non-refundable
Primary contact:
Rhode Thomas
Secondary contact:
Jaimee Lazore

Since 1969 TUNA has provided a voice for Indigenous students within the Trent community. Trent University Native Association is a student organization that encourages a good way of life  (Mino Bimaadiziwin) through cultural, social, academic, and athletic activities. To maintain the balance of the Spirit, Body, and Mind of the Trent Community through the values of Honesty, Kindness, Sharing, and Strength, this fosters respect for all people and all life.

Fall term levy fee: $1.06
Winter term levy fee: $1.06
Total: $2.12

Trent Valley Fencing

$2.08 refundable
Primary contact:
Courtney Peeters

En Guarde! Fencing is one of the five original modern Olympic sports. The Trent Valley Fencing club was restarted in 2013 to continue the legacy of fencing at Trent. The club consists of both a competitive team and recreational club. We run Learn to Fence sessions in September and January for all interested students. You get an introduction and quick explanation of the sport so you can try it out and see if it’s for you. The competitive teams attend tournaments across Ontario from October-March including OUA championships. We offer training in all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre.) Since restarting the club, the team has won many medals at different events including a National Gold in Men’s University Epee, the George Tully OUA award and OUA Women’s Coach of the Year. For more information find us on Facebook or Instagram @trentfencing.

Fall term levy fee: $1.04
Winter term levy fee: $1.04
Total: $2.08

Trent Vegetable Gardens

$4.84 non-refundable

The Trent Vegetable Gardens seeks to reconnect students and community members with the source of their food by providing opportunities to learn about ecological agriculture, hands-on gardening skills, and food system issues. We operate two garden sites at Trent that take inspiration from organic, intensive permacutlure, and Indigenous agricultural methods, and that strive to practice low-impact ecological agriculture. Learning methods in the gardens take the form of workshops, student research projects, service learning placement, work bees, as well as paid and volunteer positions.

We also manage a campus community garden offering individual plots to students and community members wishing to esperiment with growing their own food in a supportive environment. Food grown in the Trent Vegetable Gardens is primarily given to the Seasoned Spoon Cafe, but it is also donated to volunteers and other community organizations. The partnership between the Gardens and the Spoon represent a sustainable field to table food system model at Trent and provides students with access to campus-grown foods at affordable prices. Get in touch with us to get involved!

Fall term levy fee: $2.42
Winter term levy fee: $2.42
Total: $4.84

Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter


$3.41 refundable

Trent Oxfam is a community working group initiated by the Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC) and OXFAM. Our focus is on making local connections to the global issues of inequality that surround food, gender and climate. We meet once a week and are currently working on a number of initiatives to bring these issues into community conversations.

Meeting information: Wednesday 7:00 pm Inside the Kawartha World Issues Centre (room B101 of the Environmental Science Complex) Want to join the group? Come out to a meeting for information about events in progress that you can be a part of!

Please find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TrentOxfam) or contact us via email at trentoxfam@gmail.com for information or to volunteer.

Fall term levy fee: $1.71
Winter term levy fee: $1.70
Total: $3.41


$1.14 non-refundable
Primary contact:

Got a night class? Studying late at a friend’s place? Trained WALKHOME volunteers are available every night to walk you from one place to another on Symons Campus or downtown at Traill and Champlain College Annex. Call 705.748.1748 to request a walk.

Service hours:
Monday to Friday: 7 pm – 1am
Saturday to Sunday: 9 pm – 1am

Be a WALKHOME volunteer. Meet new people, learn your way around campus, add to your resume and co-curricular record, be part of the Trent community. Send us an e-mail to volunteer at: walkhomevolunteers@trentu.ca

Fall term levy fee: $0.57
Winter term levy fee: $0.57
Total: $1.14

Warming Room Homeless Shelter

$2.06 refundable

The Warming Room exists to provide a safe, warm place for the most vulnerable to sleep during the winter months. We also desire to begin to break down the barriers that exist in the city of Peterborough by providing a space where volunteers and overnight guests have a chance to meet, talk, and learn from one another. We’re open every night of the week from 8:30 pm – 8:00 am from November 1st to April 30th and run primarily with the support of volunteers.

For many, the Warming Room is a last resort when they are unable to utilize any other resource in the city. For this reason we have an open door policy where all, no matter the state they are in when they arrive, are welcome.

We have a staff of 4 people, who work to serve the guests and encourage and empower the volunteers. Staff, volunteers, and visiting community organizations will also help to connect guests with resources, especially those that help to secure safe affordable housing. Safety of the volunteers and guests is the top priority of the Warming Room.

The Warming Room is a ministry of St. John’s Anglican Church, Peterborough in partnership with Murray St. Baptist Church and the City of Peterborough.

Fall term levy fee: $1.03
Winter term levy fee: $1.03
Total: $2.06


World University Service of Canada - Trent

$6.73 non-refundable

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a student run organization that believes the importance of education and its empowerment in fostering human development. WUSC at Trent's major project is based on the Student Refugee Program (SRP).

WUSC is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. The majority of members form Local Committees that consist of students, faculty and staff in over 80 active college and university campuses across Canada.

The WUSC Local Committee at Trent University is made up of students, faculty, and community members who are involved in international cooperation initiatives. Along with the tremendous and valuable support that our Local Committee receives from the Trent International Program, WUSC at Trent University also collaborates with other on-campus organizations who share similar interests.

Find us on Facebook: WUSC at Trent

Fall term levy fee: $3.37
Winter term levy fee: $3.36
Total: $6.73

Youth Emergency Shelter

$3.00 non-refundable

YES works to reduce and prevent homelessness by providing shelter, education and transitional supports for youth and families in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

YES provides emergency shelter to youth and families in crisis. We serve roughly 250 new clients every year, in addition to many who have stayed at the shelter before. In addition to emergency housing, we offer support to youth and families through:

  • Longer term transitional housing at Abbott House
  • Assistance adapting to independent living through the Transitional Life Skills program
  • Alternative high school education at The Carriage House (in partnership with PACE and the KPRDSB)
  • Vocational, educational and recreation programs (in partnership with other community services)
  • Assistance with housing and employment searches
  • An emergency food cupboard

The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fall term levy fee: $1.50
Winter term levy fee: $1.50
Total: $3.00