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13144 Canadian Human Resource ManagementSchwind Das Wagar9th15.00
13472A Course in PhoneticsLadefoged7th15.00
14152A Glossary of Literary TermsAbrams7th6.00
13702A Handbook for Classroom instruction that worksMarzano15.00
13736A Human VoyageKeenleyside10.00
13441A Human VoyageKeenleyside35.00
11421A Human Voyage90.00
11516A Human VoyageKeenleyside & Lazenhy2nd100.00
13119A Human Voyage: Exploring Bio-AnthropologyAnne Keenleyside and Richard Lazenby1st30.00
13836A Human Voyage: Exploring Biological AnthropologyAnne Keenleyside20.00
14121A Manual For Writers of Term Papers Theses and DissertationsTurabian6th4.00
13528A Midsummer Nights DreamShakespeare5.00
13838A Midsummer Nights DreamWilliam Shakespeare2ND6.00
13783A Pre History of the CloudHu15.00
13978A Question of PowerBessie Head8.00
14253A Recognition of BeingKim Anderson10.00
10610A Rumor of War10.00
13780A Season in MeccaHammadi5.00
13718A Season in the Life of EmmanuelBlais4.00
13988A Season in the Life of EmmanuelMarie-Claire Blais10.00
14037A Short Guide to Writing about BiologyPechenik8TH10.00
13834A Short Guide to Writing about BiologyPechenik20.00
13588A Short Guide to Writing about BiologyPechenik9th40.00
10700A Small Place10.00
14211A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizationsChris Grey3rd0.00
13893A Writers LifeGay Talese10.00
14260Abnormal PsychologyKring, Johnson, et al.12th30.00
14010Absentee Indians and Other PoemsKimberly Blaeser8.00
13816Alter Ego 3 B1 and CahierHachette10.00
14311Alter Ego A1 + Activity BookAnnie Berthet25.00
14153An Anthology of Pre-Raphaelite WritingsCarolyn Hares Stryker19977.00
14330An Introduction to Behavioural EcologyNicholas Davies4th55.00
13115An Introduction to Management ScienceDavid Anderson35.00
14190An Introduction to the InvertebratesJanet Moore2nd15.00
13833An Introduction to the InvertebratesJanet Moore2ND20.00
13393Anatomy & Psychology: The Unity of Form and FunctionSaladin7th85.00
14216Anatomy and Physiology: unity of form and functionSaladin7th0.00
13875Ancient Greece from Prehistoric to Hellenistic TimesThomas R Martin2nd10.00
13603And then theres thisWasik5.00
13729And Then Theres ThisWasik12.00
13826Animals and SocietyDemello30.00
11528APA manualAPA6th15.00
12466Archaeology EssentialsThames + Hudson2nd10.00
13574Archaeology EssentialsBahn and Renfrew3rd25.00
14289Archeology EssentialsRenfrew3rd30.00
13921Archeology EssentialsRenfrew3rd40.00
13876Aristotle and Xenophon on Democracy and OligarchyAristotle15.00
14159ArribaEnrique Figueras25.00
14160ArribaEduardo Zayas3rd65.00
14298Arriba!Eduardo Zayas-Bazan3rd25.00
11119Asian Philosophy15.00
13841Autobiography of RedCarson10.00
13524Autobiography of RedCarson15.00
12169AvanzandoSalazar, Avias, Iavega7th20.00
13708AvanzandoSalazar Arias Dela Vega7th100.00
14132Barchester TowersAnthony Tollope7.00
13150Barneys VersionRichler15.00
12327Barrons DATBarron2nd20.00
14192Being A Buddhist NunKim Gutschow15.00
13784Bewildered TravelRuf15.00
14219Biochemistry: concepts and connectionsDean R. Appling0.00
10729Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life75.00
13932Biological AnthropologyJonathan Marks4.00
13573Biological AnthropologyJonathan Marks30.00
12384Biological AnthropologyMarks40.00
13915Biology How Life WorksMorris2nd70.00
14207Biomedical EthicsFisher2nd0.00
11213Biomedical Ethics45.00
14189Biomedical EthicsFisher2nd50.00
11434Biomedical EthicsFisher2nd70.00
14120Bleak HouseDickens6.00
14127Bleak HouseDickens9.00
13497Born at the Right Time Owram25.00
0Brecht on TheatreWillett0.00
13971Brock Biology of MicroorganismsMichael Madigan14th60.00
9999Building Strong BrandingAaker3.00
94Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman and Emma Bell110.00
14176Calculation of Drug DosagesOgden9th50.00
13943Calculation of Drug Dosages: A Work TextOgden9TH20.00
13928Calculus with ApplicationsLial50.00
14305Calculus with ApplicationsLial Greenwell10th50.00
13908Calculus with ApplicationsLiaL10th70.00
14326Calculus with Applications Liam 11th 140.00
13907Calculus with Applications Solution ManualBlock10th50.00
13755Canadas Resource Economy in TransitionHowlett20.00
14041Canadian Criminology TodaySchmalleger5th20.00
13219Canadian Criminology Today: Theories and ApplicationFrank Schmalleger5th80.00
14043Canadian CultureCameron15.00
10705Canadian Families Today: New Perspectives60.00
14171Canadian Fundamentals of NursingPerry4th40.00
14073Canadian Fundamentals of NursingPotter4th60.00
14107Canadian Fundamentals of NursingPotter5th80.00
13114Canadian Organizational BehaviourSandra Steen30.00
11382Canadian Oxford World ArtsStandford30.00
13720Canadian Psychiatric Mental Health NursingHaller1st60.00
13965Canadian Psychiatric Mental Health NursingVarcarolis1st60.00
13483Canadian World AtlasStanford6th25.00
10042Catcaclysm: The First World War as Political Tradegy40.00
13710Changing Families Relationships in ContextAnne Marie Ambert3rd 50.00
14136Changing PatternsBurt6.00
13429Chemistry (CA Edition) A Molecular ApproachTro, Fridgen and Shaw201460.00
0Chemistry A molecular approach 0.00
14208Chemistry A molecular approach Tro, Fridgen, Shaw0.00
14215Chemistry A molecular approach Nivaldo J2nd0.00
14224Chemistry A molecular approach Nivaldo J2nd0.00
14155Chemistry A molecular approach Tro80.00
14300Chemistry A molecular approach Nivaldo J80.00
13548Chemistry A molecular approach Tro2nd100.00
12761Chemistry: A Molecular ApproachJitro2nd85.00
12835Chez NousValdman2nd5.75
14292Chimpanzee PoliticsFrans de Waal25.00
13984Chorus of MushroomsHiromi Goto20th10.00
13358Chronic Illness in CanadaKramer-Kile100.00
13963Chronic Illness in Canada Impact and InterventionKramer Kile Osuji Larsen100.00
13712Chronic Illness in Canada Impact and InterventionKramer Kile Osuji Larsen120.00
13937Civilization and its DiscontentsSigmund Freud12.00
14317Classicial MythologyWilliam Hansen17.00
13716Cloud 9Churchill4.00
13936Cognitive NeuroscienceGazzaniga4th100.00
14069Cognitive PsychologyGoldstein3rd30.00
13007Cognitive PsychologyGoldstein4th80.00
14323Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday ExperienceBruce Goldstein3rd40.00
13715Comedy A very short IntroductionBevis5.00
14271coming of age in second lifeTom Boellstorff15.00
13338Community Health NursingStamler and Yiu3rd10.00
10768Community Health Nursing Projects60.00
9999Concept: Mapping3.00
13347Conformity and ConflictMcCurdy and Shandy15th20.00
13856Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd25.00
13028Contemporary Human GeographyJames Rubenstein3rd40.00
13882Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd75.00
13953Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd75.00
13372Contemporary Human GeographyRubenstein3rd100.00
9999Contemporary Linguistic Analysis3.00
14198Contemporary ManagementJones et al.4th Canadian25.00
14157Contemporary ManagementJones4th60.00
9999Contemporary Political Issues Charlton/Barker6th3.00
13660Contested Knowledge Social Theory TodayWiley Blackwell6th20.00
13756Contested Knowledge Social Theory TodaySeidman5th30.00
13774Contested Knowledge Social Theory TodaySeidmen5th40.00
10767Contested Representations5.00
14089CoriolanusWilliam Shakespeare5.00
14202Cornerstones of Financial AccountingRich et al.1st Canadian45.00
13154Corporate FinanceRoss, Jordan and Roberts7th45.00
11111Corporate Finance50.00
11714Cost AccountingCharles5th10.00
13954Crime Scene Forensics A Scientific Method ApproachRobert C Schaler80.00
14036Crime Scene Forensics: A Scientific Method ApproachRobert C. Schaler40.00
13769Criminalization, Representation, RegulationBrock50.00
14023Criminalizing WomenGillian Balfour2nd25.00
0Criminological 0.00
14049critical thinkingBassham5th20.00
14262critical thinking students introductionBassham, Irwin, Nardone & Wallace5th40.00
12335Critical Thinking- A Students Handbook120.00
13436Cultural AnthropologyRobbins et al2nd50.00
0Cultural Anthropology A Problem Based ApproachRobbins2nd0.00
11865Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based ApproachRobbins et. al.2nd90.00
14101Dawnland VoicesSerier10.00
14272Dawnland VoicesSiobhan Senier10.00
13979Dear LifeAlice Munro8.00
14268Deep RiversJose Maria Arguedas15.00
14324Developmental Psychology: Childhood and AdolescenceShaffer, Kipp, Wood, Willoughby4th Canadian50.00
13759Deviance, Crime and Social ControlTepperman3rd65.00
13492Digital DisconnectRobert McChesney10.00
13778Digital RubbishGabrys20.00
10006Dirt Road7.00
72Discovering Statistics Using RField85.00
0Double-Take: A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance AnthologyPatton and Honey 10.00
13946E2 PhysicsLehrman10.00
14151Ears and Tails and Common SenseSherlock5.00
13899Eating the LandscapeEnrique Salmon12.00
13288Ecological ImperialismAlferd .W Crosby30.00
13490Ecology A Canadian ContextBill Freedman et al69.00
0Ecology Concepts and ApplicationsMolles3rd85.00
13923Ecology of Teleost FishesRobert J Wootton2nd70.00
10503Ecology of Teleost Fishes75.00
10668Ecology: A Canadian ContextFreeman1st45.00
10791Ecology: Concepts and Applications50.00
14292Economic Issues TodayCarson, Thomas & Hecht8th20.00
13143Economics with Study GuidesParkin Blain40.00
13451Elementary StatisticsMario F. Triola12th35.00
13452Elementary StatisticsTriola12th60.00
9586Elementary Statistics380.00
14119EmmaJane Austen10.00
13496Empire to umpireHillmer225.00
13926Energy ScienceAndrews2nd50.00
10526Enivonmental Chemistry a Global Perspective45.00
13650Entre les MursBegaudeau8.00
13927Environment The Science behind the storiesWithgott3rd90.00
13686Environmental Change and ChallengeMitchell4th10.00
13753Environmental EconomicsField3rd Canadian40.00
14166Environmental EconomicsField3rd80.00
14227Environmental ScienceTrent UniversityPearson0.00
13608Environmental ScienceFreedman5th25.00
13744Espanol en MarchaVivdez2nd50.00
13709Espanol en MarchaFrancos Diez Vindez2nd100.00
14308Espanol en Marcha + Activity BookSGEL21.25
13367Espanol en Marcha 1 Workbook and TextbookFrancisca Castro V125.00
13731Essay Writing Heckman2nd5.00
14295Essential Cell Biology Alberts et Al. 3rd45.00
13920Ethical Issues Perspective for CanadiansSoifer3rd50.00
0Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt1st0.00
13519Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd15.00
13481Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBarkhardt1st20.00
14180Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd Canadian20.00
14083Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt1st30.00
14286Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBrukhardt2nd35.00
13419Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt, Nathaniel, Walton2nd40.00
13364Ethics and Issues in Contemporary NursingBurkhardt2nd50.00
14252Evil: Inside Human Violence and CrueltyRoy F. Baumeister40.00
11038Evolutionary Analysis 330.00
11796Evolutionary AnalysisFreeman & Heron4th40.00
13811Exercise de grammaire francaiseGrevisse20.00
10693Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class20.00
0Family Nursing as Relational InquiryDoane0.00
13149Financial AccountingPaul Kimmel45.00
14309Financial AccountingKimmel50.00
13575Financial AccountingKimmel and Weygandt 6th80.00
13973Financial AccountingKimmel6th100.00
14098First PhilosophyBailey2nd55.00
14140Fit to PrintBuckley8th10.00
13105Five DialoguesPlato2nd5.00
13527Five DialoguesPlato5.00
14116Five DialoguesPlato2nd5.00
14145folk & fairy talesHallett4th9.00
13615FoodJennifer Clapp20.00
13379FoodJennifer Clapp30.00
13591Forensic ScienceSaferstein3rd195.00
9999Forensic Science From Crime Scene to Crime LabRichard Saferstien3rd3.00
14230Forensic Science From Crime Scene to Crime LabRichard Saferstien3rd80.00
11785Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health NursingVarcololis + Helter6th35.00
13742From Mycenae to ConstantinopleTomlinson10.00
11645Functional Histology80.00
9999Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing3.00
13974Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceRoss9th95.00
13804Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceRoss9th100.00
9999Fundamentals of Financial AccountingPhillips & Libby3rd5.00
13805Fundamentals of Financial AccountingPhillips3rd50.00
10733Fundamentals of Forensic DNA typing30.00
14213Fundamentals of Social ResearchEarl Babbie, Lance W. Roberts4th0.00
14048Fundamentals of Social ResearchBabbie3rd20.00
13775Fundamentals of Social ResearchBabbie3rd70.00
11021Gender and Popular Culture7.00
13771Gender and SexualityRahman1st30.00
13590Gender SexualityRahman25.00
9999Genders in Production3.00
10374Genders in Production10.00
13509Generation XDouglas Coupland5.00
13601Genetics EssentialsBenjamin A. Pierce30.00
14296Genetics EssentialsPierce30.00
9999Geographics of Health: An Introduction3.00
13896Geomorphology A Canadian PerspectiveTrenhalle5th50.00
13480Gerontological NursinTouhy1st60.00
9999Gerontological NursingTouny1st3.00
9999Gerontological NursingTouny1st3.00
14181Gerontological Nursingand Healthy AgingTouhy1st20.00
14288Gerontological Nursingand Healthy AgingTouhy1st30.00
13768Glass, Paper, BeansCohen20.00
14284Global EcopoliticsPeter J. Stoett15.00
11025globalization of World Politics 60.00
11017Good Night Desdemona10.00
13104Gravity and GraceSimone Weil6.00
13544Gravity and Grace Weil10.00
13563Gravity and Grace Weil10.00
14113Gravity and Grace Simone Weil30.00
0Great Short Works of HawthorneHawthorne0.00
13871Greek Lyric PoetryWest10.00
10570Groundwork of the Metaphysic of morals10.00
13535Gullivers TravelsSwift6.50
13757Half the SkyKristoff10.00
14102Health and Rhetoric of MedicineSegal10.00
14167Health EconomicsJeremiah Hurley1st70.00
14257Health PsychologyShelley Taylor3rd Canadian50.00
0Health the BasicsDonatelle5th0.00
13823Health the BasicsDonatelle5th15.00
13772Heartbeat of the PeoplePorowner20.00
13721Henry IV Part 1William Shakespeare5.00
13844Henry IV Part 1William Shakespeare15.00
14331HerpetologyLaurie Vitt4th75.00
14046Hidden in Plain SightNewhouse15.00
14263Hidden in Plain SightNewhouse35.00
13370Hidden in Plain SightDavid Newhouse40.00
13870History of the Peloponnesian WarThucydides10.00
13999Home of Sudden ServiceElizabeth Bachinsky 6.00
13335How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne N5th30.00
13449How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne Naiman5th45.00
13353How Societies Work - Class, Power and ChangeJoanne N50.00
13628How Societies Work Class Power and ChangeNaiman5th45.00
14276How Societies WorksJoanne Naiman5th40.00
14290How to NurseDoane30.00
13647Huis ClosSartre5.00
14169Human anatomy and physiologymarieb9th50.00
9999Human GeographyNorton 7th5.00
14095Human GeographyNorton8th10.00
13640Identity and Belonging Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Canadian SocietySean Hier20.00
13773Identity and Belonging Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Canadian SocietyPtlier1st50.00
13642Il Pleuvait des Oiseaux Sauvier5.00
13865Il Pleuvait des Oiseaux Jocelyne Saucier15.00
14004In Another Place Not HereDionne Brand8.00
14236In Search of RespectPhillipe Bourgois2nd20.00
13435In Search of RespectPhilippe Bouegois2nd25.00
13554In Search of RespectBourgois2nd25.00
0In the Realm of the Diamond Queen0.00
14226In the Realm of the Diamond QueenAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing0.00
14059In the Realm of the Diamond QueenAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing20.00
10695In the Skin of a Lion12.00
13598In This TogetherDanielle Metcalfe Chehall20.00
11008Income Taxation45.00
14100Indigenous IntellectualsRomos10.00
14012Indigenous Poetics in CanadaNeal Mcleod15.00
14156Industrial Relations in CanadaHebdon2nd51.00
13625Inequality Matters Diversity and Exclusion in CanadaFleras30.00
13913Information VisualizationRobert Spence50.00
13597Inorganic ChemistryWeller Overton Rarka Armstrong6th50.00
10954Intimate Relationships630.00
14060Intimate RelationshipsMiller6th60.00
14067Intimate RelationshipsMiller7th80.00
11026Intro Philosophy for Canadians10.00
13607Introducing AnthropologyPark5th20.00
13758Introducing Philosophy for CanadiansSolomon40.00
14030Introducing Philosophy for CanadiansSolomon45.00
11348Introducing Philosophy for CanadiansSolomon & McDermid55.00
13813Introduction aux litteratures francophonesNdiayne15.00
14228Introduction to Data MiningTan, Steinbach, Kumar0.00
13898Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment Noble3rd60.00
14039introduction to forensic anthropologySteven Byers4th15.00
14240Introduction to International DevelopmentHaslam, Schafer, Beaudet2nd 0.00
14265Introduction to International DevelopmentHaslam, Schafer, Beaudet3rd0.00
14105Introduction to Learning and BehaviourPowell5th80.00
13952Introduction to MarketingArmstrong6th30.00
14312Introduction to Probability and Its ApplicationsRichard L. Scheaffer 3rd70.00
13186Introductory Mathematical AnalysisErnest F. Haeussler and Richard S. Paul13th70.00
13831Introductory Statistics with Randomization and SimulationDiez1st12.00
13975inventoryDionne Brand7.00
11694Investment, Analysis, and ManagementW. Sean, Charles P.50.00
14008IslandAllistair MacLeod9.00
13798It pleuvait des oiseaux Saucier20.00
10701Its a Working Mans Town20.00
14148Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte3.00
14122Jane EyreBronte7.00
11172Jihad the Trail of Political Islam20.00
13987Journal of Susanne MoodieMargaret Atwood6.00
13145Journal of the Plague YearDaniel Defoe5.00
14143Jude the ObscureHardy4.00
13545Keywords for Media Studies Ouellette15.00
14017Killing MarketingJoe Pulizzi15.00
14065Killing MarketingPulizzi15.00
10611La Civilisation Francaise en Evolution15.00
13794La Civilisation francaise en evolutionSteele20.00
13646La Civilisation francaise en evolutionSteele70.00
13810La petit Grevisse Grammaire FrancaiseGrevisse23.00
13812La Poesie QuebecoiseMailhot8.00
13651La Poesie QuebecoiseNepveu10.00
13539La saga des beothuksAssiniwi10.00
13652La saga des beothuksBernard Assiniwi10.00
13912Law and Morality Readings in Legal PhilosophySophia Reibetanz Moreau60.00
13645Le ChienDoupe5.00
13859Le Chienjean Marc Dalpe5.00
13800Le chienDalpe20.00
13867Le Figuier sur le ToitMarguerite Anderson8.00
13799Le Figuier sur le ToitAndersen20.00
13793Le nouveau Taxi and CahierHachette30.00
13443Le petit grevisse Maurice Grevisse25.00
13641Le Voyageur Sans BagageAnouilh5.00
13533Les anneesErnaux8.00
13819Les BonnesGenet5.00
13857Les BonnesJean Genet12.00
13536Les chosesPerec8.00
13822Les dernieres rois magesConde5.00
12815Les Fees Ont SaifDenise Boucher5.00
13982Life of PiYann Martel8.00
11343Like Water for ChocolateLaura Esquirel10.00
14329Limnology: Lakes and Rivers EcosystemRobert Wetzel3rd120.00
13682Linear Partial Differential Equations and Fournier TheoryPivato40.00
13746Lines of FlightSalverson10.00
13639Lines of Flight: An Atomic MemoirSalverson10.00
13644Litteraire Amerindienne de QuebecGatti10.00
13864Litterature Amerindienne du QuebecMaurizio Gatti15.00
14247Louis Riel A Comic Strip BiographyChester Brown14.00
14028Love and Honor in the HimalayasErnestine McHugh10.00
10142Love and Honor in the HimalayassErnestine McHugh10.00
14294macroeconomicsKrugman, Wells, Au, Parkinson2nd Canadian50.00
14307MacroeconomicsCurtis, Irvine, Begg2nd50.00
14299Mammals of the Great Lakes RegionAllen Kurta3rd 30.00
14203Managerial AccountingGarrison, Libby, and Webb10th Canadian50.00
13725Managerial Accounting Garrison10th55.00
13629Managerial Accounting Gurrison Libby Webb10th60.00
14310Managing Agile ProjectsAguanno30.00
14201Managing Human ResourcesBelcourt, Bohlander, and Snell6th Canadian30.00
13806Managing Human ResourcesBelcourt6th50.00
13199Managing Organizational Behaviour in CanadaSniderman et al2nd35.00
13861Manifeste AssiNatasha Kahape-Fontaine10.00
10609Manon Lescaut4.00
13648Manuel ExilColic8.00
14200Marketing: An IntroductionLuciano Arvin5th Canadian15.00
14301Marketing: An IntroductionArmstrong4th40.00
14302Marketing: An IntroductionArmstrong5th 50.00
10706Markets of Disposession20.00
9999Media and Cultural StudiesDurham, Keller2nd3.00
13788Media and Cultural StudiesDurham & Kellner2nd10.00
13733Medical AnthropologyWiley2nd10.00
13945Medical AnthropologyAndreas S Wiley2nd10.00
13960Medical Anthropology a Biocultural ApproachAndrea Wiley2nd10.00
13934Medical Anthropology a Biological ApproachAndreas S Wiley2nd5.00
14109Medical Surgical NursingDay2nd50.00
14072Medical Surgical Nursing in CanadaLewis1st30.00
14086Medical Surgical Nursing in CanadaLewis2nd50.00
9999Medical- Surgical Nursing 3.00
11697Metaphysics: An AnthologyWiley2nd40.00
12107Microbiology Fundamentals - A Clincal ApproachCowan45.00
14085Microbiology Fundamentals A Clinical ApporoachCowan40.00
14184Microbiology Fundamentals A Clinical ApporoachCowan2nd50.00
13557MicroeconomicsParkin and Bade9th65.00
14135MiddlemarchGeorge Eliot6.00
10813Modern Science Writing10.00
13835Molecular Ecology Freeland2nd20.00
13835Molecular Ecology Freeland2nd20.00
14029Molecular Ecology Joanna Freeland2nd30.00
13359Molecular EcologyJ.R. Freeland H. Kirk2nd40.00
13631Molecular Ecology Freeland et al2nd40.00
13216Molecular EcologyJoanna Freeland2nd50.00
13762Molecular Ecology Freeland2nd50.00
14232Motorcycles and sweet grassDrew Taylor10.00
13782My Life with ThingsChin15.00
13789Natures ExpertsBocking10.00
13860Nazism 1919-1945Noakes2nd10.00
13478Negotiations in a Vacant LotJessup35.00
14005NemesisPhilip Roth8.00
13976New Caribbean Poetry An AnthologyKei Miller10.00
11345New Media: An IntroTerry Flew2nd25.00
11345New Media: An IntroTerry Flew2nd25.00
14249Nickel and DimedBarbara Ehrenreich15.00
0Nineteen Eighty-fourGeorge Orwell5.00
13520Norton Anthology of World LiteratureNorton3rd80.00
13709Nuevo Espanol en MarchaViudez2nd50.00
14025Numerical Analysis Burden9th50.00
9999Nursing Drug Guide3.00
14111Nursing Drug ReferenceMosby24th25.00
10399Nursing Leadership from a Canadian PerspectivePangman25.00
14173Nursing Research in CanadaWood3rd25.00
0Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesSizer2nd0.00
13827Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesSizer2nd Canadian20.00
13966Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesSizer3rd20.00
14182Nutrition Concepts and ControversiesSizer3rd Canadian40.00
10766Nutrition Concepts and Controversies 50.00
14131Oliver TwistDickens6.00
14055On Writers and WritingMargaret Atwood20.00
13618Ontario Rocks Three Billion Years of Environmental ChangeNick Eyles90.00
11344Oranges are not the only fruitJeanette Winterson5.00
13623Oranges are not the only fruitWinterson8.00
12641Organic ChemistryMcMurry8th100.00
14196Organic Chemistry and Study Guide and Solution ManualJohn McMurry8th225.00
14293ORGB- organizational behaviourNelson, Quick, Armstong2nd Canadian45.00
13346Oxford Anthology of Roman LiteratureKnox and Mckeown50.00
14147Oxford Book of English Love StoriesSutherland5.00
10817Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion20.00
13817Paragraphes pratiques de redactionPopica5.00
14197Pathophysiology and Study Guide and Solutions ManualMcCance & Huether7th150.00
13754Paths to a Green WorldClapp2nd25.00
13851Peasants and the Art of Farming Jan Douwe Vanderploeg10.00
14165Peasants and the Art of Farming Jan Douwe Vanderploeg10.00
13614Peasants and the Art of Farming a Chayanovian ManifestoJan Douwe Vanderploeg15.00
13821Peau noise masque blancsFanon5.00
13734People Plants and Genes Murphy10.00
13568Personality Theory and ResearchCervone12th115.00
14130PersuasionJane Austen3.00
13741Peterborough and the KawarthasAdams3rd10.00
13687Peterborough and the KawarthasAdams Taylor3rd25.00
13484Peterborough and the KawarthasAdams3rd55.00
9999Pharmacology for Nurses5.00
14170Pharmacology for Nursing CareLehne7th50.00
13828Pharmacology for Nursing CareLehne8th80.00
14097philosophy of mindRavenscroft20.00
14175Physical Exam and Health AssessmentJarvis1st20.00
14108Physical Exam and Health AssessmentJarvis2nd80.00
14112Physical Exam Health Assessment Jarvis1st15.00
13739Physical GeographyH.J. de Blij2nd10.00
14094Physical GeographyDe Blij2nd10.00
13595Physical GeographyLong2nd25.00
13940Physical GeographyHJ de Blij2nd35.00
14325Physics for the Biological Science M.L. Williams 5th Edition 70.00
13157PigeonKaren Solie5.00
13972PigeonKaren Solie6.00
13538Pink Mimi DrinkObom5.00
13862Pink Mimi DrinkObom10.00
11346Plato- Five DialoguesGrube2nd5.00
14297Polar Lakes and RiversWarwick F. Vincent50.00
13745Policing Black LivesMaynard15.00
14304Precalculus A prelude to cSheldon Axler40.00
9999Presentation ZenReynolds3.00
14134Pride and PrejudiceJane Austen9.00
9999Principles of Human Anatomy5.00
13889Principles of SociologyTepperman3rd20.00
14080Principles of SociologyTepperman3rd20.00
13627Principles of Sociology Canadian PerspectivesTepperman et al3rd30.00
13696Project Wild Activity GuideCanadian Wildlife Federation10.00
9999PsychologyWade, Tavris, Saucier4th Canadian Ed5.00
13504PsychologyCarde Wade Carol Travis Lorin Elias4th10.00
13426PsychologyWade, Tavris, Saucier, Alias4th CA edition50.00
11351PsychologyWade4th 70.00
10842PsychologyCarole/ Wade4th80.00
13688Psychology Themes and VariationsWeiten McCann3rd 20.00
13765Psychology Themes and VariationsWeiten McCann3rd20.00
14280Psychology Themes and VariationsWayne Weiten4th80.00
13344Psychology: Themes and VariationsSchater3rd40.00
13446Psychology: Themes and VariationsWeiten4th95.00
13386Psychology: Themes and VariationsWeiten4th100.00
14244Publication Manual of APAAPA6th35.00
9999Publication Manual of the APA6th3.00
13786Qualitative Methods in Human GeographyHay3rd10.00
13791Qualitative Research in Nursing and HealthcareHolloway4th50.00
14079Qualitative Research in Nursing and HealthcareHolloway4th50.00
13747Qualitative Research in Nursing and HealthcareHolloway4th55.00
13655Qualitative Research is Nursing and HealthcareHolloway et al4th30.00
9999Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography3.00
13853Qualitative Research Methods in Human GeographyHay3rd10.00
10780Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography45.00
13532Quest ce que la litteratureSartre10.00
13802Quest ce que la litteratureSartre20.00
13885Questioning SociologyMyra Hird3rd15.00
14234Questioning SociologyMyra Hird, George Pavlixh2nd 15.00
14015Rabbit RunJohn Updike12.00
13156Rape of the LockAlexander Pope5.00
14195Re-Creation, Fragmentation, and ResilienceAnastakis50.00
14281Re: imagining change: how we used story based strategy Reinsborough & Canning10.00
13760Reading Organization TheoryMills3rd30.00
13922Readings in Healthcare EthicsGedge2nd40.00
13779Real PigsWeiss20.00
13599Reconciling CanadaJennifer Henderson30.00
13531Refus GlobalBorduas10.00
13796Refus globalBorduas20.00
9999Regarding The Pain of OthersSontag3.00
13654Regional Geography of CanadaRobert Bone10.00
14322Research in Psychology: Methods and DesignGoodwin and Goodwin7th60.00
0Researching CommunicationDeacon2nd0.00
12617Resource and Environmental ManagementMitchell4th50.00
14225Resource and Environmental Management in CanadaBruce Mitchell5th95.00
14082Rethinking Society in the 21st CenturyWebber3rd20.00
13434Rosenciantz and Guildenstein are deadTom Stopper10.00
13158Saint JoanGeorge Shaw5.00
13977Sartor ResartusThomas Carlyle5.00
13365Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Fluids and ElectrolytesChernecky Mackiln2nd30.00
10704Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology30.00
14001Seed CatalogueRobert Kroetsch6.00
13872Selected DialoguesLucian10.00
14062Sensation and PerceptionGoldstein9th80.00
11920Sensation Perception5.00
14011Sense and SensibilityJane Austin10.00
14118Sense and SensibilityJane Austen10.00
13777Sentient CityShepherd25.00
14045Shifting Sites of PracticeDrolet30.00
13914Show me the NumbersStephen Few75.00
13617Six characters in Search of an AuthorLuigi Priandello10.00
14212Soc +Brym Lie2nd0.00
0Soc+Robert Brym2nd40.00
26Social PsychologyRobert Baron1st30.00
14259Social PsychologyAronson, Wilson, et al.5th Canadian40.00
13395Social PsychologyPaul Dickerson2nd45.00
13626Social PsychologyAronson6th50.00
13749Social Research MethodsBryman3rd20.00
14161Social Research MethodsBryman3rd60.00
13507Social Welfare in CanadaSteven Hick3rd10.00
13475Social Welfare in CanadaHick3rd40.00
14235Social Welfare in CanadaRosalie Chappell5th80.00
13317Social Welfare in Canada SocietyBosalie Chappell5th50.00
14239Social Work in Canada: An introductionSteven Hick3rd0.00
14283social work methods and skillsKaren Healy10.00
13555Sociocultural AnthropologyRobbins3rd57.50
10601Sociology as a life or death issue Robert Brynn 2nd12.00
14026Sociology in ActionSymbaluk10.00
13511Sociology of EducationTerry Wothesspoon4th15.00
13124Sociology of Education in CanadaTerry Wotherspoon4th50.00
13909Solution Manual for Qualitative Chemical Analysis Harris8th40.00
12951Spirit of the Island 20.00
14104Spirit of the Island Manitoulins PeoplesPaulsen10.00
14047Spirit of the Island Manitoulins PeoplesDr Rhonda Paulson20.00
13493Spirit of the Island Manitoulins PeoplesDr Rhonda Paulson35.00
13767Staging Cayotes DreamMojica20.00
14306Strategic Compensation in CanadaRichard J. Long 70.00
14064Strategy Bites BackAhlstrand15.00
13801Sudbury PoemsDesbiens20.00
10703Sweetness and Power15.00
13606Taking SidesWelsch5th15.00
13970Techniques in MicrobiologyLannmert20.00
10843Ten Days That Shook The WOrld: Terror in HistoryKeith Walden70.00
13814The Algal BowlSchindler20.00
13740The Alternative Introduction to Biological AnthropologyMarks10.00
14287The Alternative Introduction to Biological AnthropologyJonathan Marks35.00
13986the AmericanHenry James8.00
14269The Anti Politics MachineJames Ferguson20.00
13930The Anti Politics MachineJames Ferguson30.00
14188The Archaeology of DiseaseRoberts & Manchester3rd20.00
14054The Art of ScienceBoris Castel25.00
14141the backwoods of canadaTraill6.00
13486The Basic Political WritingsRousseau15.00
14002The Bell JarSylvia Plath8.00
13738The Bonobo and the Atheist de Waal5.00
13830The Book of RDavies40.00
13980The BostonianHenry James8.00
14221The Canadian Justice System An OverviewPaul Atkinson3rd0.00
14255The Canadian Justice System: An OverviewPaul Atkinson3rd30.00
14149the canterbury talesChaucer6.00
17206The Cheese and the WormsCarlo Ginzburg0.00
14000The Cobra EventRichard Preston6.00
13743The Collapse of Complex SocietiesTainter10.00
13888The Complete OdesPindar10.00
13635The Couples of Complex SocietiesJoseph A Tainter30.00
14233The Courage to teachParker J. Palmer15.00
13959The Ecological HoofprintWeiss12.00
13959The Ecological HoofprintWeiss12.00
13485The Ecological HoofprintWeis15.00
13611The Ecological Hoofprint theGlobal Burden of Industrial LivestockTony Weis15.00
13662The Elements of Moral PhilosophyJames Rachels and Stuart Rachels7TH10.00
11347The Elements of PhilosophyJames Rachels7th 40.00
14186The Empty MirrorJanwillem van de Wetering10.00
13714The End of the AffairGreene5.00
13983The Flying TroutmansMiriam Toews10.00
13605The GebusiBruce Knauff3rd5.00
13589The Gendered Society ReaderKimmel3rd95.00
14254The Giant CompassTeresa Decicco20.00
14285The Giant CompassDeCicco20.00
9999The Global Climate SystemAguado3.00
14204The God of Small ThingsArundhati Roy0.00
13724The God of Small ThingsRoy5.00
13840The God of Small ThingsRoy15.00
13985The HamletWilliam Faulkner8.00
13869The HistoriesHerodotus15.00
13602The History of Mary PrincePrince5.00
13845The Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins15.00
14191The Immune SystemPeter Parham4th55.00
14027The Java TutorialZakhour5th25.00
14194The Life of BuddhismReynolds15.00
14024The Life of CheeseHeather Paxson25.00
14205The Long ReformationJeffrey R. Watt0.00
14251The Lucifer EffectPhilip Zimbardo40.00
10104The McDonaldization of SocietyGeorge Ritzer10.00
10235The Medieval Period25.00
14315The Medium is the Massage Marshall McLuhan16.00
14128The Merchant of VeniceShakespeare2.00
13781The Mushroom at the End of the WorldTsing15.00
14018The Mushroom at the End of the WorldAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing15.00
14007The Noodle MakerMa Jian8.00
13620The NotebookSparks10th7.00
13148The old ArcadiaPhilip Sidney15.00
13565The Open Society and its EnemiesPopper40.00
14117The Open Society and its EnemiesPopper40.00
14389The Optimistic EnvironmentalistDavid R. Boyd25.00
14099The Pearson Custom Library for Environmental Science Jay Withgott50.00
13901The Psychology of Health and Health CarePoole4th10.00
13931The Regional GeographyRobert M Bone6th10.00
10329The Reluctant Fundamentalist5.00
9999The renaissance and the early seventeeth century240.00
13661The Rights ResolutionMichael Ignatieff5.00
14250The Science of EvilSimon Baron-Cohen15.00
13616The Second SexSimone de Beauvoir30.00
13818The Secret AgentConrad5.00
14091The Secret AgentJoseph Conrad5.00
13717The Snow QueenKernaghan5.00
9999The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau3.00
11118The Social Dimensions of Human Sexuality75.00
11117The Sociology of Culture and Knowledge70.00
13711The Sociology of Health Illness and Healthcare in CanadaWeitz30.00
13142The Television PlaysChayefsky10.00
13482The Trouble with BillionairesMcQuaig15.00
10951The United States Since 1945-Historical InterpretationsLowen10.00
10951The United States Since 1945-Historical InterpretationsLowen10.00
13886The Walking DeadRobert Kirkman25.00
10341The War of the Worlds8.00
14003The WarsTimothy Findley9.00
10477The Waste Crisis15.00
14123The Way of All FleshButler5.00
13462The White BoneGowdy4.00
13839The Word for World is ForestUrsula K Le Guin10.00
13873Theogony and Works and DaysHesiod10.00
13571Theories Of Social InequalityGrabb5th30.00
0Things Fall Apart0.00
14245Things Fall ApartChinua Achebe8.00
13369Things Fall ApartChinua A10.00
14264Things Fall ApartChinua Achebe10.00
9999Thinking Critically: A Concise Guide3.00
13556Through the Lens of AnthropologyMuckle2nd55.00
13515Through the Lens of AnthropologyRobert Muckle60.00
13752Through the Lens of AnthropologyMuckle75.00
10811Time Machine10.00
13159Touch the DragonKaren Connelly10.00
13146Understanding Canadian BusinessWilliam Nickels20.00
14242Understanding Computers Today and Tomorrow D. Morley, C. Parker16th70.00
10873Understanding Crime in Canada55.00
14256Understanding Motivation and EmotionJohnmarshall Reeve6th50.00
13512Understanding Social InequalityJulie McMullin2nd15.00
13770Understanding Social InequalityMcMullin2nd50.00
13448Understanding SocietiesGillian Balfour15.00
13352Understanding SocietiesGillian Balfour40.00
14275Understanding SocietiesGillian Balfour40.00
13897Understanding Weather and ClimateAguado6th80.00
13929Urban GeographyTim Hall4th30.00
9999Using Basic Statistics in the Behavioural and Social SciencesEvans5th67.00
14126Vanity FairThackeray6.00
13048Vertebrate AnatomyKenneth Kardong7th120.00
13785Vertebrate TaphonomyLyman60.00
14261Visions of the Heart Long and Dickason4th 40.00
20Visions of the Heart - Canadian Aboriginal IssuesDavid Lons and Olive Patricia D3rd20.00
13444Vogage Eclair Autour du MondeCollet15.00
13392Voyage Eclair autour du mondeCollet & Furginele10.00
13795Voyage eclair autour du mondeCollet20.00
14199War and SocietyKeshen & Durflinger30.00
13761Warrior NationMcKay and Swift15.00
10815Water Babies10.00
13542Ways of SeeingBerger10.00
13808Ways of the WorldTrayer Nelson75.00
13881Ways of the WorldRobert W Strayer3rd75.00
14014We Interrupt this ProgramBrady12.00
0Wetland Ecology 0.00
14328Wetland EcologyPaul Keddy2nd75.00
14187What Makes You Not a BuddhistDzongsar Khyentse10.00
13479Wheathers Functional HistologyLowe Young Stevens5th40.00
13713When Night Eats the MoonFindon5.00
10812Why Evolution is true10.00
13732Why it SellsDanesi30.00
14009Women in Ancient GreeceBonnie MacLachlan10.00
14006Women in Ancient GreeceSue Blundeu15.00
14144Women in LiteratureEagleton6.00
14056Work BookSteven Heighton5.00
13613Workbook: Memos and Dispatches on WritingSteven Heighton10.00
14226World AtlasStanford6th 0.00
13981World War ZMax Brooks8.00
13842Woza AlbertMbongeni Ngema5.00
13540Wuthering HeightsBronte5.00
14125Wuthering HeightsBronte5.00
13622Wuthering HeightsBronte6.00
14063Your Social StrategyAndreou 10.00
14016Your Social StrategySofie Andreou4th20.00
13728Your Social StrategyAndreou4th30.00